Type Concepts

Type design was what lured me into design in the first place. When I was little, my favorite activity was to stroll the streets with my grandpa where he would teach me how to read the store signs, which taught me far more characters than I was supposed to recognize at that age. I was also trained in traditional Chinese calligraphy as a kid, and later dabbled in western calligraphy as well.

My fascination with machines also led me to a letterpress workshop in a school where my mom taught. A teacher there taught me how to carve stamps out of stone and jade. So if I look back, with everything added up, it feels surprisingly natural that I will end up working with type.

This is a where I put early concepts, work-in-progresses, and half-baked fonts.
Currently focusing on unconventional uses of variable fonts.

2022 New Year 2

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