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Yu Cong - Breaking the Frame

Yu Cong is a rising star among the greatest Chinese fashion photographers. His excellent grasp on the character’s subtle interactions with the environment, whether it’s natural or man-made, contributes to his unique style that’s contemporary, exquisite, and direct.

Yu wanted to develop a new personal identity and layout system for his portfolio, to achieve a consistent look across all touchpoints, and to make his team's workflow more efficient . 

To compliment his unique photographic style, we landed on the concept of “breaking the frame”, making an analogy between the type’s existence both within and outside of the page and Yu’s careful creation of the environment both within and outside the picture frame.

We crafted a grid system that’s rigorous yet flexible, which gives his in-house designers freedom to make the layouts as uniform or dynamic as possible. It also allows subtle interaction between the photos and the typography, which is a nod to the interaction between the character and environment that’s oftentimes a theme of Yu’s photography.

The result is a consistent look that compliments Yu Cong’s delicate yet contrasty photographic style, with subtle surprises sprinkled throughout the experience. 

© Yihuang Zhou